Research shows: 88% of users of iOS 14.5 refuse tracking by apps

Globally, 88% of iOS 14.5 users refuse app tracking. 96% in the United States, according to research by Flurry Analytics amongst millions of iOS users. Apple launched iOS 14.5 with App Tracking Transparency that should offer users more protection against tracking at the end of April.


This is an interesting development, which over time might also be included in Android. It for sure will hurt companies which business model inherently relies on tracking its users.

It was recently revealed that Facebook is now threatening users of the Facebook and Instagram app on iOS with a paid app if they don’t allow tracking.

I think this is a great development.
Of course an inevitable consequence of stopping with tracking users is that services like these will no longer be free.
But the shamelessly sharing and selling of anyone’s data is something that needs to be stopped anyway.
The industry needs to adapt to the increasing privacy awareness that is going on.
I love to see how Apple is forcing Facebook to do is. Now they suddenly realize they don’t have all of the power in the world after all.

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