Belgian Supervisory Authority under investigation for infringing the GDPR

It was announced yesterday (should have been made official today), that the Belgian DPA will be investigated by the Commission following two complaints made by some members of the DPA committee (but anonymous…) regarding the DPA’s lack of independence and the implementation of the Information Security Committee, judged illegal.

The main issue is linked to some members of the DPA having, at least for one of them, very serious conflicts of interest with their mission within the DPA.

I don’t have a link in English, so French: Vie privée: la Commission lance une procédure d’infraction au RGPD contre la Belgique - Le Soir Plus

Another Belgian Joke, better than our chocolate! :sweat_smile:

The Commission gave 2 months to the DPA to grant its independence to the DPA (and to remove the members having conflicts of interests).

Thanks for sharing! It is obviously a good thing that the Commission is investigating this, but I would have expected action against for example the Irish DPC rather than this. Hopefully the Commission will start enforcing issues with other DPA’s too such as the issues with Ireland, but also with lack of funding for certain DPA’s.

Saw this tweet from Schrems:

Well, to be honest, one of the buy sitting at the DPA was the CEO of the IT provider for the government (company made by the government, managed by government appointees and only working for the government’s institutions). He also has other mandates that are problematic.
This IT provider was caught processing personal data of all Belgian residents illegally, for “testing if it could be useful” (we are talking mixing databases from the tax office, health and other which should have never been mixed together), with only the authorisation of this guy…

So, it is a good decision from the commission; but they indeed need to do more.

You can’t get a more obvious conflict of interest than that lol. Should be open and shut. Thanks for the additional information, I couldn’t access the French article because it required me to pay for it.

Ah, sorry for the paywall; I have a subscription through my ISP and never know which articles are free or not.

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Maybe this link should work : RGPD: la Commission européenne ouvrira une procédure d’infraction contre la Belgique (

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